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Setting Up An LLC in Nevada


When starting a new business, it is important set it up to afford its owners with the maximum asset protection available. Thus it is imperative that you create a corporate structure that works best for your company. While there are several types of entities you might create, a limited liability company or LLC can be one of the easiest to create and maintain.

While each state is different, Nevada has several formal requirements for forming a LLC.

You must complete the limited liability packet with the secretary of state. The following is a list of the requirements:

Name- The new LLC must have a name that is different form any existing company  to avoid confusion;

Articles- In Nevada, you must file 

Resident Agent- You must choose a agent located in the state of Nevada who is available to accept service.

Initial List- After the submission of the articles you must file an initial list of the members or managers of the LLC to the secretary of state.

In addition to the secretary of state requirements, you may also consider the creation of an operating agreement. An operating agreement is a document that governs the way your LLC is run. It can specify the acceptance of new partners, their financial contributions, the use of company funds for business purposes, etc.


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